Known for its greatness and professionalism in the world of world football, Brazil is also making a name for itself in the tourism sector. This South Asian country with its large surface area, which ranks it fifth among the world’s large countries in terms of surface area, has some great cultural and tourist sites that are magnificent and very attractive. Discover some of these wonderful ones in this article.

The Bay of Rio de Janeiro

If Brazil receives a large number of visitors and tourists every year, it is because of this great natural tourist site. It is the mount The Bay of Rio de Janeiro. It is nicknamed for its magnificence and splendour the “Sugar Loaf” or Pao de Açucar in the Brazilian language. It is the most famous bay in the world. Don’t let that surprise you. The bay of Rio de Janeiro is 396 metres high and can only be reached by cable car or on foot for the more courageous. On this bay, you will discover a huge and teeming megalopolis. And then, what attracts and seduces more are the hundreds of buildings surrounded by green hills and golden sandy beaches with mythical names. This is the mystery of the famous Copacabana and Ipanema. Another landmark that no one fails to admire is the great statue of Christ the Redeemer, which today is the sole symbol of Brazil.

Lençois Maranhendes National Park


Characterised by a vast set of white sand dunes that extend for more than 70 km, the Lençois Maranhendes National Park is another very attractive tourist site in Brazil. It is located in the Maranhao region of northeast Brazil and has a splendid and beautiful landscape. Visitors to this place are most attracted by the clear and limpid waters that are formed by tropical rains from spring to autumn.

The city of Salvador de Bahia

If there is one city that needs to be introduced here, it is of course Salvador de Bahia. Its name already shows the whole of Brazil, as it is the cultural cradle of the country. It is a city that is, in its image, mixed. It is still called or nicknamed the “Black Rome” because it is composed in majority of blacks of African origin. Its cultures are therefore rich and very markedly African. What is it famous for? It is famous for the most beautiful coloured houses, its carnival, its gastronomy and the art of capoeira.

Other sites you can visit are the Iguaçù Falls, Vista aérea das Cataratas, the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the Amazon